Mangoes bolster Peru's ag exports

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Mangoes bolster Peru's ag exports

An increase in mango shipments helped boost Peru's agricultural exports by 32.3% in January and February to US$547.7 million, according to the country's Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG).

Peru's Office of Economic Studies and Statistics (OEEE) recorded mangoes led the growth by contributing 17% to the total, or around US$82 million.

MINAG said the fruit was followed by fresh grapes, asparagus, coffee, carmine, sugar, paprika and piquillo peppers, representing 63% of total agricultural exports.

The U.S. was the greatest destination market with a value os US$149 million, followed by the Netherlands (US$71 million) and Spain (US$38.4 million).

MINAG said the results show the agricultural sector is one of the most dynamic in Peru, exporting to 113 countries.

Photo: MINAG


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