Peruvian consultant 'in doubt' over presidential candidate Humala -

Peruvian consultant 'in doubt' over presidential candidate Humala

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Peruvian consultant 'in doubt' over presidential candidate Humala

A Peruvian market consultant has expressed doubts over presidential candidate Ollanta Humala's agricultural policies, despite commitments to respect international conventions, website reported.

Inform@cción president Fernando Cillóniz said he preferred candidate Keiko Fujimori's plans for the sector, while Humala's stance was 'confusing'.

Ollanta Humala

"I heard his (Humala) agricultural plan implied a revision of all free trade agreements; policies that limit the production of biofuels and agricultural property; and he is opposed to genetically modified food," Cillóniz was quoted as saying.

"However, time has passed and I see candidate Humala is signing agreements where he promises to respect international conventions, to promote private investment, and practice the social market economy.

"I still don't know which one is going to occur - he should be more explicit and say that what is written in his previous government plan is not valid."

Humala told local TV program Panorama he did not intend to 'depart from the capitalist model' and would promote agriculture exports, newspaper El Comercio reported.

The candidate also said his definition of 'nationalization' meant creating public policies that helped economic activity and development, the story reported.

"It is not an economic concept, it is a political concept that is completely directed towards the same end: national development," he was quoted as saying.



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