Camposol unfazed by German asparagus rise

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Camposol unfazed by German asparagus rise

Leading Peruvian horticultural exporter Camposol is confident with its position in European markets despite expectations for a strong German asparagus season.

Frankfurter Rundschau reported Germany's key growing state of Hesse is set for a record asparagus harvest, with reports of high quality and prices of around 357 euros (US$503) per 100kg (229lbs), compared to 593 euros (US$835) in mid-May last year.

A Camposol spokesperson told the company expected price stability as it continued to build its strong reputation and was able to supply markets all year round.

"Normally, asparagus’ consumption is heavily linked to local traditions, however a number of opportunities exist for either extending 'the window' in which local asparagus are available in the market or for generating demand in markets where asparagus are not consumed intensively," the spokesperson said.

"At the moment, most of the white fresh asparagus consumption is fairly concentrated in Germany, and in this market, prices of imported asparagus tend to decline when local production is available.

"However, as we move forward in strengthening our position through the recognition of our high quality product and availability in other specific periods of the year, we believe we will be able to keep more stability in our prices."

Photo: Camposol

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