Argentine fruit growers protest for crisis assistance -

Argentine fruit growers protest for crisis assistance

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Argentine fruit growers protest for crisis assistance

Fruit growers protested in the Argentine province of Río Negro yesterday calling for crisis assistance in the sector, with some stripping off their clothes to catch the government's attention, website reported.

The protest in the city of General Roca was held before a seat of the Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP), aiming to raise awareness that the fruit industry was running at a loss, the story reported.

One group of protesters took off their clothes and held up a sign that said "The AFIP is leaving us like this".

In a statement the Río Negro and Neuquén Federation of Fruit Producers, said fruit growers intended to continue fighting for answers to a 20-point petition addressing the key problems facing the industry.

Río Colorado Chamber of Producers leader Ariel Agudo, said the government need to take 'urgent measures, adding that the protesters' claims were 'absolutely just', website reported.

Some of the demands include a payment plan with reduced interest rates, a tax moratorium for the fruit sector, a 50% reduction in employer contributions, and a different oil tariff rate for the fruit sector.

The organization also proposed more negotiations to remove import tariffs in destination markets, the opening of new export markets, national campaigns to promote fresh fruit consumption, a reconversion plan and a streamlining of customs procedures.

Photo: Roca Digital

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