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The Top Seven

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Zespri’s Tim Clarkson discusses crisis management and learning from difficult seasons

Tim Clarkson, chief strategy officer for the New Zealand-based company, spoke about Zespri’s journey, challenges, and objectives during the 2024 Global Cherry Summit in Santiago, Chile.

Jalisco avocado closing season

Despite harsh weather conditions this year, Jalisco, Mexico will end the season with around 120,000 tons of avocados exported. The Mexican state is just three weeks away from closing its 2023-24 avocado season, with a new fruit harvest expected in early June.

Florida citrus hopes for 2024 rebound

Florida Citrus Mutual President and CEO Matthew Joyner told that the sector is eager to move on from past challenges.

“We are up several million boxes this year and encouraged by what we're seeing from some of the new therapies that have been developed through research to help production,” he explained regarding citrus greening struggles.

Peru: "We will continue to be the second largest avocado exporter in the world"

In exclusive statements to, Juan Carlos Paredes, president of ProHass, the Peruvian Association of Producers and Exporters of Hass Avocado, said on March 11, that the Peruvian avocado campaign -which started in January-, had been benefiting from good prices, 40 to 50% higher than last year, but that volumes were adverse.

What U.S. fruit growers got out of the USDA trade mission to India

A large delegation of United States trade representatives, led by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, traveled to New Delhi, India this month to advance bilateral trade.  Fruit growers from across the country joined the trade mission, in hopes of further tapping into the Indian market.

California Almond Board reports first acreage drop in decades

The California Almond Board (ABC) reported a slight decrease in bearing acreage, the first since 1995. The analysis was commissioned by ABC to intelligence firm Land IQ and shows a less than 1% drop in productive acres.

Urbanization and Gen Zers drive new market trends in China

China's economy is seeing signs of growth after turbulent years. The uptick is driven, in part, by many consumer trends, one of them is their inclination to purchase fresh and healthy produce and retail goods.

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