Peru's ag exports up 36% in H1

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Peru's ag exports up 36% in H1

Peru's Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) has announced the country's total agricultural export values rose 36.45% year-on-year to US$1.66 billion in the first half of 2011.

Prices had a big influence on the result as export volumes during the period rose just 13.3% in comparison, with commodity prices jumping significantly for several horticultural products including prepared asparagus (17%), avocadoes (29%), paprika (29%) and coffee (47%).

The strongest export sales growth for major products was registered for coffee at 81%, followed by mangoes (62%), fresh grapes (54%), paprika (50%), avocadoes (41%), asparagus (21%) and evaporated milk (21%).

Fresh fruit sales as a whole rose 171% over the period with 142 market destinations.

The U.S. purchased 23% of shipments with a total value of US$384 million, including US$58 million worth of coffee, US$70 million in fresh asparagus, US$41 million in fresh mangoes and US$14 million worth of fresh grapes.

Shipments to the Netherlands rose 33.1% to US$205 million, exports to Spain rose 51% to US$133 million and shipments to Germany jumped 53.4% to US$132 million.

The Latin American market was also strong, with exports to Ecuador rising 30% to US$78 million, while Colombian shipments increased 37.5% to US$77 million.

Photo: Andina

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