Sun World expands South African grape presence

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Sun World expands South African grape presence

Sun World International has expanded its list of licensed grape growers in South Africa through a deal with joint venture Suiderland/New Vision.

The grapes to be marketed include a wide range of white, red and black seedless grapes, to be sold under the brands of Midnight Beauty, Scarlotta Seedless and Sable Seedless.

Sun World's Scarlotta Seedless grapes

Sun World vice president of international licensing Johan Jooste, said the joint venture joins the likes of The Grape Company, Capespan, Dole South Africa and Green Marketing in selling the varieties.

Suiderland Plase is a growing, packing and exporting company owned by the Neethling and du Preez families, while New Vision is an exporter owned by Piet Karsten.

"Suiderland and New Vision have solid production capacity and keen marketing expertise. Each is recognized internationally, and within South Africa, as accomplished grape specialists and we're pleased to bring them into the Sun World family of marketers," said Jooste.

A Sun World release said the company's development work focused on a full range of fresh grapes with characteristics including enhanced flavor, distinctive taste, larger berries and clusters, earlier and later ripening times and availability, and increased productivity.

The company licenses its grapes to 20 marketing companies around the world, including Dole Chile, Subsole, Unifrutti and Frutera Santa Maria (Chile); Perfection Fresh and Grape Exchange (Australia); Special Fruit, Katope and VDS (Brazil); TALI Grapes (Israel); Vale de Rosa (Portugal); El Ciruelo (Spain); and Peviani, DiDonna and Apofruit (Italy).

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