Market Pulse week 37 — 2011 -

Market Pulse week 37 — 2011

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Market Pulse week 37 — 2011

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 37 — 2011 (Sep. 16)


In North America, Chilean Hass avocado availability increased in the U.S.

In Latin America, Chilean Hass avocadoes were dominant in the Argentine market.

In Europe, prices remained stable as the current season's volumes were lower.

Easy Peelers

In North America, the Chilean clementine season finished on the U.S. East Coast.

In Europe, a favorable market situation continued for Southern Hemisphere easy peeler supply.

In Asia, Australian Honey Murcotts continued to be dominant in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.


In North America, the U.S. market was under pressure as volumes showed a high proportion of small size fruit.

In Northern Europe and the U.K., Southern Hemipshere inventories were decreasing, leading to an improvement in market activity.

In Asia, South African lemons maintained stable prices in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. New price adjustments were reported in Japan, as Southern Hemisphere availability was high and fruit registered an extended storage period.


In North America, South African Navel oranges were expected to be traded for another two weeks in the U.S. market.

In Europe, price adjustments were registered for imported supply, leading to sales pace improvement.

In Asia, condition problems were seen for Valencia oranges in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, with slightly lower sales activity.

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