SA Midknight oranges arrive in U.S. -

SA Midknight oranges arrive in U.S.

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SA Midknight oranges arrive in U.S.

The first of four lots of South African Midknight oranges has arrived in the U.S. port of Philadelphia, according to Western Cape Citrus Producers Forum (WCCPF).

It is expected around 600,000 cartons of the Valencia varietal will arrive in the U.S. during October, which represents a 60,000 carton rise on 2010 figures.

"As the season for South African Summer Citrus reaches its final weeks, we are proud to have this product available to the American consumers across the country," said WCCPF CEO Suhanra Conradie.

"With their buying power, U.S. consumers again this season are demonstrating their commitment to all the South African Summer Citrus products - with the availability of the Navel oranges  giving way to the Midknights, they will continue to be pleased with the excellent quality of the fruit."

Kings Market in New Jersey will conduct point-of-sale demonstrations, recipe giveaways and in-store visits from grower representatives during this month.

"We really enjoy the opportunity to meet with consumers and tell them about our fruit. When they taste it, they buy it and come back for more."

Conradie says the Midknight smaller than a typical Navel orange, seedless, very juicy and sweet with an appealing texture and taste.

Photo: eatlikenoone

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