Argentine blueberry exports to Europe soar almost six-fold

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Argentine blueberry exports to Europe soar almost six-fold

The consumption of Argentine blueberries in continental Europe has increased by more than 572% year-on-year so far this season, according to the latest figures released by the the industry's committee.

Shipments this season to week 41 (Oct. 14) stood at 377.2 metric tons (MT) compared with 56MT last year, while the U.K. too increased imports 174% with 404MT, compared with 147MT last year.

In the U.S. imports dropped by 33% to 517MT, compared with 781MT during the same period last year, although the country is still the overall largest buyer.

Asia shipments were 35.9MT compared with 41.4MT last year - a 13% drop. In Canada, imports dipped slightly to 75MT, compared with 81MT last year - a 7% decrease.

Overall, there was a 27% rise worldwide in Argentine blueberry exports, and with around two weeks of the season still left this figure could possibly hold up if European consumption continues.

The figures were compiled by the Argentine Blueberry Committee.

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