Corn producers slam Peruvian GM bill

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Corn producers slam Peruvian GM bill

A  major food producers' association has hit out at the Peruvian government's decision to ban production and the entry of genetically modified (GM) crops for the next 10 ten years, website reported.

Association of Producers of Corn and Sorghum (Asonamasor) general manager Julio Iglesias, described the development as unfortunate.

"You cannot condemn a country to live away from science, which will make it impossible for us to keep competing," he was quoted as saying.

He argued there were vested interests on the part of importers and gourmets who suffered from a lack of knowledge about crop genetics and agronomics.

Peruvian Institute of Agriculture (IPA) director Ángel Manero, said the law did not stop GM research but prevented production of crops that would enable the country to position itself in international markets.

He added it was possible that five years would be long enough for the government to decide what its stance was on GM.

Congress approved the bill last week , although it still has to go through the Executive before it's adopted.


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