Peru has its sights set on blueberry exports -

Peru has its sights set on blueberry exports

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Peru has its sights set on blueberry exports

The Peruvian government's Sierra Exportadora has announced a 193,000 soles (US$ 71,400) investment in cultivating blueberries.

Chief executive officer Alfonso Velásquez Tuesta, said Peru could supply the northern hemisphere to complement their different seasons in much the same way as it has for asparagus, artichokes and grapes.

"There are U.S. and English investors interested in developing blueberries which have a size, color and special flavour. Blueberries in these markets can fetch US$30 a kilo," he said.

The organisation is looking to gain an important share in blueberry exports to the U.S., Europe and Asia.

"This means we have to set up pilot plots in different parts of the Sierra to convince entrepreneurs, regional authorities and local farmers of the potential for cultivating blueberries."

Sierra Exportadora hopes to increase investment research next year to 3 million soles (US$1.1 million) with the help of funds from the economy and finance ministry.

The enterprise has already had success with its first blueberry plantation in Pichupampa 2, 200 meters above sea level and in the north of Lima region.

Velásquez said he expected the first shipment of Peruvian blueberries to be in September next year.

The organisation aims to grow blueberries in all of the 17 regions which make up the Peruvian Sierra.


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