Brazil refuses to relax canned peach import limits

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Brazil refuses to relax canned peach import limits

More than 20 Argentine trucks loaded with canned peaches were turned away from the Brazilian border this week following failure of talks to raise import quotas.

The Brazilian government on Oct. 13 introduced new non-automatic licences for automobiles and parts, sweets, chocolates, cookies, in addition to canned peaches.

Exporters of these products have to gain a licence before shipment.

If Brazilian import authorities take longer than 60 days to process the application then exporters can go ahead and ship.

The extra beauracy has succeeded in restricting peach imports which this year were expected to reach 13.5 million cans - a 44% year-on-year increase.

The move is seen as a tit for tat action following Argentina's restriction of Brazilian shoe imports estimated to have lost the industry more than 100 million reales (US$54 million).

Ten days ago Argentine peach production industry leaders and local officials met with their Brazilian counterparts to try and raise the quota limit from 10.5 million to 18 million cans but with no success.

Argentine peach producers claim oversupply was driven by higher demand by Brazilian supermarkets in the wake of lower Brazilian domestic production.


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