Ecuadorian banana price meeting ends in disarray

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Ecuadorian banana price meeting ends in disarray

Ecuador's default export price for bananas for next year is still to be decided following the failure of a meeting between growers and government representatitves earlier this week website reported.

Growers from Guayas, Los Ríos, Esmeraldas, Cañar and  El Oro provinces were furious that agricultural minister Staynley Vera, was unable to make the meeting due to urgent cabinet business.

They called for his resignation and that of his deputy Iván Wong, whom they claim has links with the multi-national fruit company Dole.

Growers are fiercely opposed to the exporters' campaign for the default price of a box to drop to US$5.05.

The current price for this year is US$5.50 and ideally producers would like this to rise to US$6 for 2012.

Growers claim some exporters are paying just US$3 for a box direspecting the government's minimum price .

Exporters argue the real cost of a 43lbs (19.5kg) box is US$4.03, although subsistence farmers say a more realistic price is US$4.60.


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