Market Pulse Week 20 - 2012 -

Market Pulse Week 20 - 2012

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Market Pulse Week 20 - 2012

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 20 — 2012 (May 18)


Lower supplies favored stability in different markets and there were price adjustments for Granny Smiths due to condition problems.


In North America, there were favorable sales for domestic supply and Mexican Hass in the U.S.

In Latin America, there was a rise in prices of Chilean Hass in Argentina.

In Europe, the U.K. market improved for green-skinned avocados from all suppliers.

Easy Peelers

In Europe, there was a strong market for clementines.

In the Middle East, the Spanish clementine season was about to close.

In Asia, the South African Nova reported favorable sales.


In North America, an increase in Chilean supply has put the U.S. market under pressure.

In Latin America, the increase of Chilean volumes had made the Colombian market complicated.

In Europe, the market was stable with the beginning of New Zealand supply.


In North America, there was low to moderate trading in the U.S. for imported supply.

In Latin America, the Brazilian and Colombian markets continued to report good sales pace.

In Europe, the offshore pear market continued to be adequate, although sales activity of Abate Fetel was slower.


In North America, Chilean sales continued to be stable.

In Europe, low Southern Hemisphere sales volumes were recorded in the Netherlands, while sales of Peruvian lots speeded up in the U.K.

Table Grapes

In North America, Mexican white seedless supply increased and the Red Globe market became more active in the U.S. There were good prices for the last lots of Autumn Royal and Chilean Crimson Seedless.

In Europe, there was adequate trading for Red Globe and Chilean Crimson Seedless prices' rose.

In Asia, there was adequate trading for Red Globe and good sales for the last lots of Autumn Royal.

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