Mexico in lime labeling wrangle

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Mexico in lime labeling wrangle

Mexican lime producers outside the state of Michoacán have allegedly been using the prestigious 'Limón Michoacano' seal, newspaper La Voz de Michoacán reported.

It is alleged up to 60% of lime harvests from the neighbouring state of Colima's Tierra Caliente area are masquerading under the Michoacán state's brand.

The label was launched two years ago by the Mexican Lime Product System (Siprolimex) for Michoacán producers who adherred to a strict set of standards.

Siprolimex treasurer Abel Aguilar, told the newspaper producers must comply with good agricultural practices to gain the seal.

"You have to organize your workforce of harvesters, to ensure they wear uniforms, gloves, cutting tools and do not damage the fruit when they store it," he was quoted as saying.

He added growers would have to improve their lime orchards, build toilets, stop using pesticides that harm the environment and convert their orchards to organic ones to qualify for the seal.

The mark was set up to boost production for 25 associations and 45 lemon packers in Apatzingan, Parácuaro, Aguililla, Mugica, Buenavista, La Huacana and Tepalcatepec municipalities.

However, it is claimed most producers have not improved their production, transportation, packaging and marketing methods due to poor organization.

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