ClemenGold steps up European shipments and marketing drive

ClemenGold steps up European shipments and marketing drive

ClemenGold mandarin exports to Europe this season are on course to rise significantly this year with shipments to Germany and Austria up by 50%, and U.K.-bound shipments rising by 20%.

The trademark is collaborating with Spanish-based brand SanLucar who will act as the master agent in Germany and Austria, distributing the fruit to Edeka and Kaufland supermarkets.

ClemenGold chief executive officer Abs van Rooyen, said 200-300,000 15 kilogram boxes would be shipped to the two countries and alongside this a strong point-of-sale promotional campaign would be launched.

"This is significantly bigger than the previous year. We are very excited about the potential to further establish the ClemenGold brand with European customers.

"The forecast for this season looks good, with some high quality fruit coming from South Africa. We're also expanding our supply base this season, with fruit from South America, Peru in particular."

He said 70% of supply would come from South Africa with 15% from Peru, 5% from Chile and Argentina, Australia and Uruguay making up the remaining 10%.

"We are taking the very best from our strict specifications for the ClemenGold brand," explained van Rooyen.

In order to make the ClemenGold grade the fruit has to have a 48% juice content with a minimum of 13 brix and a brix-acid ratio of 10:1.

Shipments to the U.K. will also increase by 20% to 400,000 boxes with the fruit sold in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Waitrose, Costco, ASDA and Booths supermarkets.

"We will have point of sale promotions with attractive pictures of where the fruit has been grown. We will be doing tastings in some supermarkets, packaging will be varied and we have some stand alone packages."

ClemenGold will also be sent to the Netherlands via Dutch importers and distributors Harrie Goesten supplying Nettorama retail outlets.

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