"Taste of South Africa" bolsters U.S. presence for SA citrus

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"Taste of South Africa" bolsters U.S. presence for SA citrus

Promotion campaign "Taste of South Africa" has kicked off at Walmart stores in the U.S. northeast as the world's second-largest citrus exporter looks to boost sales towards the end of its 2012 campaign.

Suhanra Conradie. Photo: Joseph Kaczmarek

The campaign is in conjunction with South Africa's Western Cape Citrus Producers Forum (WCCPF) and was launched on Friday, Oct. 12 in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

"Walmart is among the largest importers of South African Summer Citrus to the U.S.," said WCCPF CEO Suhanra Conradie.

"With its wide retail reach, consumers in the U.S. have access to healthy and delicious citrus at a time when domestic citrus is unavailable.

"We thank and applaud Walmart for their tremendous support of our export program. Walmart shoppers enjoy the full array of South African Summer Citrus, beginning in June with clementines, continuing with Navels in the mid-summer months, and ending the season through October with Midknights."

The promotions will last a week and will also include samplings of South African oranges in 32 stores. Details of participating outlets can be found here.

The New York South African Consulate's Consul for Trade Affairs Gugulethu Gingqi, said the citrus export program was an example of how Walmart supported numerous economic programs and emerging industries in South Africa.

"The value of this export program to other emerging industries in South Africa is extremely important to South Africa’s economic future."

A WCCPF release highlighted the entity was committed to exceeding all regulatory standards required for products entering the U.S. Walmart Stores director of global food sourcing Don Fox confirmed the retailer's relationship with WCCPF helped further its efforts to provide an affordable supply of healthy, safe food choices for customers.

"We count on the reliability and safety of the products we receive from South Africa and we value the growers’ and suppliers’ commitment to exceed the rigorous standards we set," he said. "This partnership has given us confidence that we can always provide the highest quality summer citrus to our shoppers."


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