Market Pulse Week 45 - 2012

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Market Pulse Week 45 - 2012

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 45 – 2012 (Nov. 9)


In North America, the market on the U.S. East Coast was recovering and expected to return to normal in week 46. On the West Coast, Chilean imports achieved quotes similar to the limited local supply. Mexico's supply continued to show quality problems.

In Europe, prices increased slightly and the market was active.


In North America, the U.S. East Coast market was recovering following Hurricane Sandy. Full activity was expected in week 46. The market on the West Coast had greater supply than expected from Argentina and prices were down. More movement was expected in week 46 with higher volumes from the Chilean supply.

In Europe, the market waited for higher volumes. Supply from Argentina showed condition problems. Markets were moderate.


In North America, the U.S. East Coast continued to move slowly following Hurricane Sandy. Prices remained high on the West Coast, which made sales slow.

In Europe, the E.U. had low sales and high prices with some Brazilian Festival grapes experiencing problems. The market waited for new shipments. The U.K. experienced a similar situation and high prices. In Russia, the Italian supply came to an end as buyers waited for Peruvian fruit to arrive.

In Asia, China was dominated by active Red Globes sales from the United States. Low interest was shown in other batches.

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