Market Pulse Week 46 - 2012

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Market Pulse Week 46 - 2012

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 46 – 2012 (Nov. 16)


In North America, Chilean Hass avocados sold well in the U.S. High arrival levels and quality problems complicated sales for Mexico.

In Europe, the market was difficult for green skin varieties, while sales were strong for Hass avocados.


In North America, market demand was active but prices varied due to quality problems from air shipments.

In Europe, blueberries shipped by air continued to dominate the continent. Prices were slightly lower than the previous week. In England, the market continued almost unchanged with adequate supply.


In North America, the U.S. had high prices but good sales for imported seedless grapes, sharing the market with local supply.

In Europe, including the U.K., the market still had low supply, contrasted by active sales and steady prices. In Russia, the white seedless market was largely supplied by Turkey. Red Globe grapes began to arrive from Peru.

The Asian market was strongly supplied by California and local fruit, with good sales activity.

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