Market Pulse Week 50 - 2012

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Market Pulse Week 50 - 2012

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 50 – 2012 (Dec. 14)


In North America, the U.S. market remained stable in terms of price and arrival volumes, which were dominated by Mexico.

In Europe, Israel's Ettinger variety began to show some ripening problems, putting pressure on sales. For Hass avocados, the Chilean supply showed good activity in the Netherlands, while in the U.K. low interest was reported.


In North American, the U.S. reported strong demand for Chilean blueberries, allowing price stability.

In Europe, better movement was reported in the Netherlands, while in the U.K. the market continued to move slowly.

In Asia, a higher supply level was obvious.


In North America, high prices and low retail promotions characterized the U.S. market.

In Europe, interest remained low for imported cherries.

In Asia, the consumption level complemented arrivals, allowing for good inventory flow.

In Latin America, importers awaited maritime arrivals of cherries in Colombia.


In North America, U.S. sales continued with moderate pace for seedless varieties. Arrivals from Chile were expected just before Christmas.

In Europe, the market continued to have low volume and good prices. South Africa showed increasing participation, especially in the U.K. In Russia, Peruvian Red Globe grapes showed appropriate activity.

In Asia, U.S. Red Globe grapes maintained high presence in China, although the Peruvian supply was gaining a share.

In Latin America, Red Globes from Peru competed with the American supply in Colombia, although sales favored Peru for its better quality.


In the U.S., the market continued to have low supply, slow movement and high prices.

In Europe, arrivals from South Africa were delayed so the supply level continued to be low.

In Latin America, good movement was reported for apricots and peaches, while nectarines showed greater difficulty due to a higher proportion of small-sized fruit.

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