Oceania attracts Peruvian passion fruit

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Oceania attracts Peruvian passion fruit

Passion fruit pulp exports out of Lambayeque, Peru have increased by average of 78% during the first quarter of each year since 2010, the Regional Association of Exporters (AREX) reported.693px-Maracuyá

So far this year, the region has exported  US$453,512 worth of the product, surpassing last year's value by 124%. Volume has also increased by almost 100%, up to 162,715 kilograms.

Research head Paola Corvacho said the star market for this Peruvian product has been Australia.

"This nation was the fifth market for passion fruit pulp nationally. It was, however, the main destination for product from Lambayeque," Corvacho said.

Japan comes in second place for global imports. Overall imports to the nation grew 12% in 2011, making up a 9.7% share of the world market. AREX highlighted Japan due to the free trade agreement it shares with Peru.

South Korea was also pointed out as a potentially strategic market. The nation imports 4.3% of the world's passion fruit pulp.

Photo: Fibonacci via Wikimedia Commons


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