Uruguay to send first citrus shipment to the U.S. this week

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Uruguay to send first citrus shipment to the U.S. this week

Five Uruguayan citrus companies have kicked off processing for the first shipment of fresh Valencia oranges to the United states, with the first boat to depart on Wednesday, newspaper El Observador reported. Orange - El Observador

The expectation was confirmed by Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishing (MGAP) citrus consultant Federico Montes.

Fruit packing started Friday in a plant in Paysandú, with the oranges pertaining to the companies Citrícola Salteña, Urudor, Milagro, Forbel and Naranjales Guarino.

Montes told the publication the first shipment would be "an experience that allows us to test qualifications and audits, containers that have been quarantined against fruit fly - which go at a temperature of 1.2-1.6°C (34.16-34.88°F) - as well as port logistics and the trade network".

He commented that with this shipment the industry would complete its goals fixed in the citrus sector's Strategic Plan for 2013, and could then focus on goals for next year.

Photo: El Observador



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