Ethylene-absorbing strip slows fruit aging process

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Ethylene-absorbing strip slows fruit aging process

A new ethylene-absorbing strip could lend a helping hand to fruit exporters in need of a few extra days to arrive to market.

The Dri-Fresh® Fresh-Hold™ EA labels from Sirane can be placed inside of packaging to absord the ethylene naturally produced tomates_on vine_ffpby a variety of fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, bananas, avocados and kiwifruit.

By absorbing the gas, the strips slow down the product's aging process, explained Sirane managing director Simon Balderson.

"Many fruit and vegetables naturally produce ethylene, and unfortunately allowing that ethylene to remain within the packaging will speed up the ‘aging-process’ and ultimately cause a quicker rate of degradation," Balderson said.

Marketing executive Mark Lingard said the strips could determine whether an exporter is able to send products on long trips to foreign markets.

"It can significantly extend [shelf life], in some cases only a few days but even a few days are very useful for some fruits," he said.

"We would anticipate it being used within sealed packs for fresh fruit going large distances. Sometimes it can make the difference of whether someone can export or not to certain regions. That’s where we will hopefully see it make it a difference."

He said the odor-absorbing patch is already being used by exporters based in South Africa.



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