Market Pulse Week 48 - 2013

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Market Pulse Week 48 - 2013

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 48 – 2013 (November 29)


In North America, demand was light in the U.S. with price variations during the week.

In Europe, moderate sales were observed for Chilean Hass avocados with price stability.


In North America, higher prices were observed in the days before the Thanksgiving holiday.

In Europe, the Chilean season was starting on the continent with the first sales recorded, with the market in transition to the South American supplier with moderate movement.

In Asia, price adjustments were recorded for Southern Hemisphere supply.


In North America, slow movement was seen in the U.S. due to the Thanksgiving holiday. uvas_72395350 _ small

In Latin America, the Colombian market was mostly supplied by U.S. fruit.

In Europe, an active market was observed with stable prices for good quality supply. The first arrivals from Namibia began as well. In the U.K., prices were stable while in Russia, Peruvian Red Globe sellers were still waiting on Italian volumes to decline. No market for imported suppy of this variety had yet been registered.

In Asia, markets were mostly supplied by the U.S. with good quality and quick sales.


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