Market Pulse Week 2 - 2014

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Market Pulse Week 2 - 2014

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 2 – 2014 (January 10)


In North America, the U.S. market recovered from lower levels of supply in the last week of 2013 due to the smaller crop in Mexico.

In Europe, increased participation in the Hass market was seen from Spain and Israel, while prices were stable for Chilean supply.


In North America, sales activity was moderate in the U.S. market, affected by cold weather. Some condition issues were reported.

In Europe, there was still an atmosphere of speculation in the market with price adjustments recorded.

In Asia, higher prices were seen in some Chinese markets.


In North America, Chilean black seedless grape sales began in the U.S. with low volumes and a good reception. Price adjustments were registered for green seedless grapes while the market for Red Globes was under pressure.

In Latin America, markets were recovering slowly from the New Year holidays.

In Europe, moderate sales and price adjustments were recorded. In the U.K., a low level of supply from South Africa was observed. In Russia, the market was under pressure due to a strong supply of Peruvian Red Globes.

In Asia, the U.S. offering was almost finished.

Stonefruitnectarines_53113189 small

In North America, the U.S. market had a low supply of stonefruit and quick sales despite high prices.

In Latin America, the market was waiting for more seafreight arrivals in Colombia, while moderate sales were reported in Brazil.

In Europe, firm prices remained due to a low level of arrivals from South Africa.


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