U.S.: Origami cantaloupe harvest unfolds for Legend Produce

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U.S.: Origami cantaloupe harvest unfolds for Legend Produce

U.S. melon supplier Legend Produce has started its first harvests of the season for an exclusive high brix cantaloupe variety called Origami. Origami Cantaloupes

In a release, the company said the new cantaloupe had surpassed all expectations in four years of production, prompting increased acreage each year. As a result, Legend has decided to dedicate the majority of its melon-growing to this variety with "a  thin rind, small cavity and great flavor".

"We chose to purchase the exclusive rights to the Origami cantaloupe from Harris Moran Seed Company because of our extremely successful results over the past few years with retailers, food service and processor outlets," said Legend's Barry Zwillinger in a release.

"We are excited to be able to share this amazing new variety on a larger scale."

The Origami cantaloupe will be available from April through October. Domestic harvesting of the melons will continue through the Spring, with production coming from desert locations.

Summer will move production to the San Joaquin Valley, with Fall production returning to the desert.



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