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FLIA 2016: multicolored striped pepper piques global interest

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FLIA 2016: multicolored striped pepper piques global interest

Continuing our series of Fruit Logistica Innovation Award (FLIA) nominations, Dutch grower of the distinctive red and yellow striped pepper Enjoya, Robert Grootscholte, speaks with www.freshfruitportal.com about the capsicum that is turning heads.

"“Every bite is a little bit different,"” he says.

“"Initial feedback has been absolutely incredible, everyone loves the look and the flavor of Enjoya which is a new and unique pepper variety that is going to go all over the world.”"

A mix of red, yellow and orange colors, Enjoya is grown in Dutch greenhouses by producer 4evergreen, partner of Terra Natura International, and is one of 10 innovations shortlisted for next month’'s prestigious event. striped pepper - Terra

"“We have developed Enjoya over several years after discovering this new variety. From growing just two, then four, then eight and so on, we eventually have commercial volumes of the multi-colored pepper ready for 2016 and we’ are really excited.

“"Consumers are used to seeing just one color on a pepper, whether it's green, yellow, orange or red, so to have two or three colors running through the entire pepper looks amazing; some people have told us they think it looks like it's been painted.

"“It’'s particularly interesting for chefs and foodies because they’'re always looking for a new product, something different to use in recipes. Enjoya looks great on the plate and gives a great flavor and taste to dishes.”"

Following on from initial trials last year when customers first sampled Enjoya, negotiations are now going on to supply a range of international markets.

"“Although initially we are focusing on the European market, I really think this pepper will be supplied all over the world because so far we'’ve had interest from markets on the other side of the world like Australia and New Zealand, as well as Japan, the Middle East and the US.

“"Most people have never seen anything like this before and so are very curious to try it.

"“The peppers are so different and, as far as we know, there is nothing else like this available on the market right now so we really have developed a totally new product."

Grootscholte will be at Fruit Logistica next month and is expecting Enjoya to get a lot of attention.

"“To be recognized by the FLIA people is really great and we’re areall so pleased to be amongst the nominations. We'’re all very happy about being selected and looking forward to the event in Berlin where we hope our promotions will be given a boost.”"


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