How to cut a mango, and other leading Google searches -

How to cut a mango, and other leading Google searches

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How to cut a mango, and other leading Google searches

The produce category pervades Google's Food Trends 2016 report for the U.S. but it was a spice that took the number one spot in the functional food segment, while pho noodles, pork shoulder and mug cakes also proved very popular.

Interest in the ingredient turmeric was up 56% from November to January this year, making it a "rising star" along with other foods including jackfruit and cauliflower rice.

“This report confirms the trends we have been spotting since last year about turmeric,” said Frieda’s Specialty Produce CEO Karen Caplan.

"It also confirms our research on generational traits that technology-driven Millennials want authentic flavors—to travel with their palates, so to speak."

D'Arrigo Brothers director of sales John Scherpinski confirmed the cauliflower market had been strong over the past year.

"Although we do not participate in any value added packs there has been great demand for commodity cauliflower recently," Scherpinski said.

"The crop can be quite challenging, maybe the most of any we produce. Its growth cycle is quickly influenced by cold and heat patterns in our weather. This causes rapid changes in supplies no matter what stage of growth the cauliflower is at," he said.

"There are an array of recipes that we have seen such as cauliflower rice, cauliflower pizza crust, cauliflower crumbles for salads or yogurt, cauliflower soups, etcetera.  The options are endless," added D'Arrigo Brothers marketing and culinary manager Claudia Pizarro-Villalobos.

Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers executive director Ken Love said growers involved with jackfruit called it the "king maker", as opposed to the durian being the "king of fruits".

"We've been growing it in Hawaii since the 1850s and it's now enjoying a much broader fan base than the original immigrants that brought it here. Being edible at any stage, it has intrigued chefs around the country - there is a cookbook in the South Indian Malayalam dialect with 3,000 recipes," he said.

"I think in the U.S. its increase in popularity goes hand in hand with the increase in veganism and as a celiac, something of an alternative to wheat laden meals that 12% of our visitors to Hawaii now avoid.

"My favorite place to eat jackfruit pulled pork or jackfruit tuna, which is totally amazing, is Sage Vegan Bistro on Sunset Boulevard in LA."

Bitter melon made an appearance within the top six "seasonal risers", which refers to seasonal trends that are likely to come back even stronger.

Surprisingly, quinoa and kale chips were in the "seasonal decliners" list.

Turmeric, bitter melon, cauliflower, jackfruit and Daikon radish made it into the top trending functional foods segment, as well as other processed products that relate to produce like apple cider vinegar, coconut milk, avocado oil, arrowroot powder and ground ginger.

Google - Food with a Function

Turmeric - Google Food Trend


In the rising trends for bite-sized snacks, the produce category was represented by Buffalo cauliflower bites, while pumpkin and banana were two of the main associated keywords with mug cakes, the top trending bite-sized food.

On the "how to's" list, "how to cut a mango" was the most searched term, and people were also interested in how to cut pineapples and pomegranates, ripen avocados and bananas, open coconuts.

In terms of searches for health benefits, apple cider vinegar was number one while other products including coconut oil, cinnamon, vegetables and fruits in general, grapefruit, avocados, nuts, pomegranates, sweet potatoes also featured strongly.

Google - Bite Sized snacks

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