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Update: Guatemalan trucker strike canceled

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Update: Guatemalan trucker strike canceled

Dear readers, we apologize for the delayed publication of this update. As our previous story titled 'Planned Guatemalan trucker strike threatens fresh produce export stability' was being written, negotiations for a resolution were almost finalized. The fundamental problems mentioned in the article persist however, and without addressing them it is conceivable more strikes could take place in the future.

Guatemala's Communications Minister Aldo Garcia has announced a trucker strike that was due to take place on Jan. 17 has been canceled, news agency EFE reported. 

The Central Government reportedly took requests from the trucking sector on board, and will set up resting areas for drivers in various parts of the country.

EFE reported the agreement also involved bringing together the municipalities of  Mixco, Escuintla, San José Pinula, Amatitlán, Villa Nueva and Guatemala to see if they can unify restriction hours for heavy transport in order to have the least effect on transit. 

Another part of the agreement was reportedly create a permanent roundtable dialogue that will start on Jan. 16 to work on requests from the sector. 

The spanner in the works is that the Municipality of Guatemala City has said it won't stop sanctioning drivers who violate the law - a key issue that was behind the planned strike.

EFE reported union leader Rudy Mendoza said the points covered were "fundamental", but he threatened that if there are no results in two months there will be a strike "without warning".



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