U.S.: More consumers recognize Fair Trade seal than ever before

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U.S.: More consumers recognize Fair Trade seal than ever before

The portion of consumers who recognize the Fair Trade certification seal has surged by eight percentage points, according a survey by the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI). 

In a release, the NMI and Fair Trade USA highlighted the 2016 survey found 67% of consumers recognized the seal, compared to just 59% in 2015.

This growth is supported by new findings on consumer preferences – particularly around ethical products – and the wide array of Fair Trade products hitting store shelves across a broader array of categories.

In addition to the spike in general awareness, the joint research underscores shoppers’ growing demand for products that align with their values. 

The survey also found 64% of the general population were more likely to buy products from companies that support causes they believe in, up from 61% last year.

Millennials are especially likely to look for the Fair Trade Certified seal for proof of social claims; 73% recognize the seal in this age bracket, and 53% are more likely to purchase Fair Trade certified products.

“More than ever before, consumers want accountability, responsibility and sustainability from the companies they buy from,” said NMI president MaryEllen Molyneaux.

"By looking for the Fair Trade Certified™ seal on products from more than 1,000 companies, people can turn their everyday purchases into a profound force for good. Every dollar is a vote for the world we want to live in."

The group highlighted there were 963 new consumer packaged good (CPG) products launched in 2016, compared to 550 in 2015.


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