Australia: Heavy rainfall expected across Queensland coast as cyclone winds down

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Australia: Heavy rainfall expected across Queensland coast as cyclone winds down

While Ex-Cyclone Debbie has been reduced to a severe weather system, local media report it is expected to bring high levels of rainfall and some floods as it makes its way south along the coast of Queensland. 

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has reported Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said rivers could overflow from Central Queensland to northern New South Wales, but severe flooding in the Queensland capital Brisbane of 2011 proportions was unlikely. 

However, Brisbane and the surrounding area could receive up to 150mm of rain in a day, compared to the March average of 138mm, the story reported. 

At the time of writing (10am AEST, March 28), had reported relief efforts were underway to provide food and water to people in damaged areas in northern Queensland, with 63,000 homes without power. 

The full extent of the damage to horticultural crops is still uncertain with phone signals fairly patchy in the Bowen area, which accounts for a significant portion of Australia's winter crops - particularly tomatoes and capsicums (bell peppers) - as well as tropical fruits like mangoes.

The ABC reports cyclone damages have cut off roads to the towns of Bowen, Airlie Beach and Proserpine. 

Previous cyclones have been disastrous for Australia's banana industry and consumers are quick to associate them with higher prices of the popular fruit. Fortunately, the Australian Banana Growers' Council's (ABGC) predictions that Cyclone Debbie would miss the key growing regions appear correct so far. 

"As expected the cyclone went south of our key growing areas," an ABGC spokesperson said.

"There has been no news filter through on any banana farms that were impacted. In general the industry will be largely unscathed by the arrival of Debbie."

If your farm has been affected by Cyclone Debbie or the ensuing rains, please let us know your experience by contacting us at

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