Chinese importer holds launch event for Canadian blueberry season

August 11 , 2017

A major Chinese importer held a launch event in the city of Hangzhou last week to mark the start of its imported Canadian blueberry season. 

Jindi Jiujiang International Trade Private, which sells both local and international produce, will sell the British Columbia fruit under the Fruitkii brand.

“As China’s economy continues to develop rapidly and the standard of living increases, consumers’ requirement of fruits has evolved from merely having fruit to eat to eating good fruits,” chairman Shao Jie Lee said.

“In this era of…health culture, these consumers have lessened their sensitivity towards fruit prices, and even evolved to the stage of eating healthy fruits.”

Another company representative, Xian Ling Niu, gave a talk on the marketing strategy for Canadian blueberries, along with the group’s merchandising plans. 

The company also signed collaboration agreements with other local businesses during the event.

Canada’s blueberry season started earlier than usual last year, jeopardizing the industry’s Chinese market plans. This year however, a later start has put the industry in a better position.

The domestic blueberry supply in China is typically low in August and September.

Key varieties of Canadian blueberries exported to China include Duke, Brigitta and Elliott.

In mid-July, British Columbia Blueberry Council (BCBC) chair Jack Bates told Fresh Fruit Portal harvests had kicked off at the beginning of July in the Fraser Valley, the province’s main production region.

He also expected a slightly lighter early crop than the previous year.

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