Spain doubles persimmon damage estimate after more frosts

December 06 , 2017

Spain’s Valencian Farmers Association (AVA-ASAJA) has doubled its persimmon loss estimate to €10 million, after growers suffered another night of frosts.

Earlier this week the organization had said the persimmon industry would likely suffer a €5 million loss due to freezing temperatures, but on Tuesday it said there had been more frosts on Monday night.

It noted that in some areas there had been 100% crop loss, while around the rest of the region the damage was highly variable.

Around 20% of the region’s persimmon crop is yet to be harvested, covering some 2,600 hectares.

In addition, in contrast to earlier this week AVA-ASAJA now says there is indeed a “degree of concern” that the frosts may have affected the region’s citrus crops.

“However, it should be noted that in the areas where the frosts were most severe, the [citrus] harvest was very advanced and therefore the industry has not suffered severe consequences,” it said.

It also said that artichoke and lettuce growers were currently in the production stage and had suffered from the effects of the frosts.



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