Peru: Sharp growth in Persian lime exports to continue in 2018 -

Peru: Sharp growth in Persian lime exports to continue in 2018

Peru is expecting its significant export growth in Persian limes to continue this year, as an increasing number of plantings in the northwest of the country come online.

Exports grew 75% year-on-year in 2017 from 1,593 metric tons (MT) to 2,784MT, and are anticipated to see similar growth in 2018.

"I think that during the campaign this year, exports of Persian limes will rise by a similar percentage to that of 2017, because many plantings have gone in the ground over recent years, mainly in Piura and also in Lambayeque, which are now entering into production," Peruvian Citrus Growers' Association general manager Sergio del Castillo Valderrama told website Agraria.

The 2017 campaign saw total lime exports - of both the Persian and Sutil varieties - rise 36% year-on-year to 5,434 metric tons (MT), according to the representative.

Exports of Sutil limes rose 10% last year to 2,650MT, according to the representative.

While Persian limes are more common in markets like the U.S., the Sutil variety - which is similar to the key lime - represents the majority of production in Peru.

Del Castillo added that the significant number of new plantings of Persian limes is largely the result of an increase in prices caused by lower production in Mexico, the main supplier to the U.S.