Value of Canada’s avocado, cherry imports soars in 2017

February 19 , 2018

The value of both cherry and avocado imports into Canada rose by nearly a third in 2017, despite volumes of the latter only increasing by 3% year-on-year. 

Data from the International Trade Center (ITC) shows the North American country imported US$224 million of avocados last year, marking a 28% lift from 2016. 

Volumes, however, rose by a much more modest 3% to 80,000MT.

Fresh cherry imports also saw a 28% rise in value to US$138 million, up from US$107 million.

With imports of US$424 million, table grapes remained the most valuable imported fruit commodity – a position they have held for the last five years. They were followed by bananas (US$406 million) and strawberries (US$349 million).

In total, Canada’s fruit and nut imports rose by 3% in value last year to US$4.7 billion.

The ITC figures also showed the U.S. – by far Canada’s biggest supplier – saw the value of its exports drop by 1% to US$2 billion, but it still retained a 43% market share.

Mexico, meanwhile, saw a 21% boost to US$718 million, achieving a 15% share. Chile, on the other hand, saw a 14% decline to US$264 million and a 6% share.

Guatemala has nearly doubled its exports to Canada over the last five years, and trade in 2017 year-on-year rose 19% to US$240 million.

There were also big increases for South Africa (+25%; US$122 million) and Peru (+16%; US$116 million).

In this article, all volumes have been rounded to the nearest 1,000MT, and values to the nearest US$1 million.


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