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Nanocrystals show impressive results protecting fruit crops from frost damage

U.S. researchers say the plant-based nanocrystals aren't just more sustainable than traditional frost protection methods, but they could actually be more effective at preventing damage.
July 24 , 2018

India: Chile overtakes NZ as leading Southern Hemisphere kiwifruit supplier

Tarun Arora of IG International speaks about the "tremendous stress" on the Indian kiwifruit market, the huge effect U.S. tariffs could have on apple supply dynamics, and the company's first blueberry plantings.
July 23 , 2018

U.S. blueberry growers facing tough July market, says Wish Farms

Georgia's lower-than-anticipated crop was also said to have caused marketers problems earlier this season.
July 20 , 2018

Greenyard-linked listeria outbreak causes nine deaths in Europe

The Belgian-based multinational is implicated in a case involving contamination of frozen vegetable products by the listeria bacteria, which has killed nine people in three years.
July 16 , 2018

Peruvian avocado season running late with exports up by a quarter

The head of ProHass noted exporters have received excellent returns in the Chilean market this year, while a West Pak representative says U.S. interest is growing in Peruvian avocado programs.
July 13 , 2018

PMA and United Fresh launch Ethical Charter on Responsible Labor Practices

Work on developing the Ethical Charter began in late 2015 following a damning investigation into worker abuse on Mexican farms published by the LA Times the previous year.
July 12 , 2018

Storage key for Chilean kiwifruit as NH extends season, says industry rep

This season for Chilean kiwifruit exporters has not been as successful as the last one due to increased competition with local supplies in key markets.
July 11 , 2018

New blueberry JV with "unique social impact" to launch with Argentine fruit

Three companies from the U.S. and Argentina have established a new brand through which shoppers will be able to connect with farmworkers.
June 27 , 2018

First red-flesh Kissabel apples harvested in Southern Hemisphere

Ifored consortium members including Unifrutti, Dutoit, and Montague have picked the first fruit being grown under trials, amid hopes of a commercial crop within three years.
June 25 , 2018

AgroFresh and Del Monte team up to expand reach of banana freshness technology

AgroFresh says its RipeLock system can help retailers boost banana sales by keeping the fruit yellow and fresh for longer.
June 25 , 2018