Sharp rise in Moroccan produce exports to Spain

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Sharp rise in Moroccan produce exports to Spain

Spain's imports of Moroccan fruit and vegetables grew 31% year-on-year in 2017, making the North African country the market's leading foreign supplier.

The total value of imports reached €556 million, Spain's Federation of Fruit, Vegetable, Flower and Live Plant Grower Exporter Associations (FEPEX) said. 

The volume imported grew by 26% to 367,239 metric tons (MT).

Over the last five years, the value of Spain's imports from Morocco has nearly tripled, while volume has grown by a little more than double over the same period. 

In 2017 Moroccan vegetable imports rose by 4% to 207,211MT, while fruit volumes rose 72% to 160,029MT.

The main vegetables imported are green beans and tomatoes. The volume of beans decreased by 11% to 77,762MT but increased by 8% in value to €143 million. Tomatoes grew by 36% in volume to 48,425MT and 52% in value to €49 million.

Watermelons were the leading fruit import, with total volume rising 62% to 61,613 MT and value rising 62% to €33.6 million. Oranges came next, with volume and value rising more than four-fold to 39,047MT and €22.4 million.

Another notable increase was the strong growth of berries such as raspberries.

Morocco holds a 22% share of the total Spanish fruit and vegetable import market of fruit and vegetables.

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