Melon shippers expand use of USDA-funded Hazel Technologies for Exports

August 27 , 2018


CHICAGO – Hazel Technologies, Inc., a USDA-supported company developing new shelf-life extension technologies for fresh produce, announces a successful trial season with Dan Andrews Farms, LLC, a third generation melon grower in San Joaquin Valley, California. With more than 30 years of experience growing melons, Dan Andrews Farms tested Hazel® Melon this season in export containers to Hong Kong with excellent arrival results.

Originally specializing in protecting quality of honeydew melons, Hazel® has now developed technologies for cantaloupe varieties and specialty mixed melons that increase product marketability and help prevent fungal growth for fruit in transport for several weeks. Earlier this season, Dan Andrews Farms sent trial containers of melons with Hazel® Melon to Hong Kong with positive feedback from customers.

“Asia is collectively the United States’ 2nd largest market for export fresh fruits behind Canada, so it is crucial that U.S. crops arrive at optimal freshness and are able to maintain that quality,” said Aidan Mouat, CEO and co-founder of Hazel Technologies. “We are excited to partner with a well-established grower and shipper, like Dan Andrews Farms, to show Hazel® Melon as a proven solution for expanding melon exports, reducing food waste, and ultimately increasing sales with better arrival quality.”

With more than 30 percent of harvested crops going to waste, Hazel® products condition the storage atmosphere to reduce respiration rate and increase resistance to ethylene, which protects fresh produce throughout the supply chain. Hazel Technologies has received positive feedback from importers and exporters since entering into the fresh produce industry. 

“We are dedicated to providing high-quality products to our customers around the world. With this new partnership, we are able to continue to deliver products at that standard,” said Dan Andrews, owner of Dan Andrews Farms, LLC. “We are thrilled to partner with Hazel and to consider expanding our export program with better control of product arrivals.”

For more information on Dan Andrews Farms, LLC, please visit For more information on Hazel Technologies, please visit or email Pat Flynn at

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About Hazel Technologies, Inc.

Hazel Technologies Inc. is a USDA-supported company based in Chicago, IL. Hazel Technologies helps growers, packers, and shippers of produce extend the shelf-life of their fruits and vegetables, which reduces produce rejections, can extend seasonal availability, and expand geographic markets. Hazel Technologies develops products in the form of packaging inserts that slow ripening of produce due to ethylene and use a blend of essential oils to reduce to inhibit microbial growth. For more information, please visit

About Dan Andrews Farms, LLC

Located in Bakersfield, California at the southern end of the fertile San Joaquin Valley, Dan Andrews Farms is a third generation grower, packer, and shipper of fresh fruits and vegetables. Dan Andrews farms has earned a reputation of honesty and integrity with its customers and vendor and has implemented Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Integrated Pest Management (IPM), water testing, monthly employee safety meetings, food security policies and annual third party audits of farming practices. With a family growing legacy of over 100 years, Dan Andrews started his own operation in 2007 that grows and exports honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, and green cabbage. For more information, please visit


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