POM Wonderful launches new national campaign

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POM Wonderful launches new national campaign


LOS ANGELES –  Today POM Wonderful, the largest grower and producer of fresh pomegranates and pomegranate juice in the U.S., launched a new integrated marketing campaign starring The Worry Monsters, larger-than-life inner voices of doom and gloom who are at their happiest when their human counterparts are at their most anxious. Throughout the multimillion-dollar, multi-year marketing campaign, the Worry Monsters complain bitterly that their once unhealthy and fretful humans have started making healthier choices, like working out and drinking crazy healthy POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice.

In the five new commercials, an assortment of annoyed and underemployed Worry Monsters offer up new, hilarious scenarios for their humans to fret about, now that they’re living healthier lifestyles that cause them to worry less. Unfortunately for the Worry Monsters, their taunts don’t affect anyone, like the runner who had a health scare but now jogs and drinks POM, or the woman who just turned 50 but can still twist herself into any yoga pose, or the man who now sleeps like someone without a care in the world, much to the disappointment of his furry former sidekick. 

“A health scare can come with stress and constant worrying that begins to feel like you have a companion following you at all times, like your very own Worry Monster,” said Adam Cooper, vice president of marketing, The Wonderful Company. “Consumers are increasingly looking for healthier options, and incorporating the Antioxidant Superpower POM Wonderful into your daily routine is a powerful step toward making healthier choices and getting rid of your Worry Monster.”

The Worry Monsters campaign was created by The Wonderful Company’s in-house creative team, Wonderful Agency, led by Chief Creative Officer Darren Moran. The attention-grabbing campaign will run in broadcast, digital, social, print, a Times Square Billboard and in-store.

“You don’t often see a marketing campaign featuring someone trying to get you to not use the product,” explains Moran. “But are we worried? Hell no! Because this anti-spokesperson approach allowed us to be disarming, and funny, in ways that haven’t been done before. It’s not a campaign of matching luggage; we let the Worry Monsters use every medium to their best advantage. And that’s what we think will get people talking.”

On the Wonderful Company’s New York Times Square digital billboard, for instance, the Worry Monsters point out to tourists and locals all the amusingly terrifying things they should be worried about as they wander around Times Square. The social media campaign kicks off with a series of “Worrivational Posters,” twistedly disquieting proverbs and bad advice that the Worry Monsters hope viewers will take to heart as well as share with those they care about.

The campaign also includes an innovative one-minute YouTube pre-roll video in which a Worry Monster appears to interact real-time with the viewer by breaking the fourth wall in order to point out all the things they should be worrying about at that very moment. A POM bottle next to the “Skip Ad” button encourages people to skip the worry by skipping the commercial, and by drinking POM.

To bring to life the new Worry Monster characters, POM Wonderful and Wonderful Agency teamed up with well-known Hollywood character design firm Aaron Sims Creative, and monster fabricator Stefaniuk FX Studio. Additional visual effects were created by the Academy Award-winning studio, MPC. To view the new ad campaign please visit www.pomwonderful.com/worrymonster.

About POM Wonderful

POM Wonderful is the largest grower and producer of fresh pomegranates and pomegranate juice in the United States as well as the worldwide leader in fresh California pomegranates and pomegranate-based products, including our 100% pomegranate juices, healthy juice blends and teas sold in the iconic double-bubble bottle. By managing the entire production process, we ensure the highest quality of products made with Wonderful pomegranates. Sold throughout the world and in the vast majority of North American retailers, our selection of products includes pomegranate-based juices and teas, fresh fruit when in season, and fresh arils.

POM Wonderful is part of The Wonderful Company, a successful, fast-growing privately held $4 billion company with 9,000 employees worldwide. We’ve made Wonderful® Pistachios America’s fastest-growing snack brand. We’ve turned pomegranates and POM Wonderful® into a worldwide phenomenon. Wonderful® Halos® is the No. 1 mandarin orange in America. FIJI® Water is the No. 1 premium imported bottled water in America. JUSTIN® Wine produces California’s top-selling, high-end Cabernet Sauvignon. And Teleflora® is the world’s leading floral delivery service.

The Wonderful Company has a long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility, including more than $200 million invested in environmental technologies and sustainability research, $50 million in charitable giving and education initiatives every year, $100 million toward the construction of two charter school campuses in California’s Central Valley, and innovative health and wellness programs, including two new, free primary care clinics for employees and their dependents.

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