Catalytic Generators celebrates over 30 years at the PMA

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Catalytic Generators celebrates over 30 years at the PMA


Norfolk, Virgina, USA  Catalytic Generators exhibited at the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Fresh Summit Convention & Expo for the 37th year in Orlando, Florida October 18-20th. “The PMA gives us a great opportunity to solidify existing relationships and to also communicate the benefits of our ethylene production systems to new ripeners,” said Greg Akins, President & CEO of Catalytic Generators.

This year in Orlando Catalytic Generators showcased their flagship ethylene generator, the Easy-Ripe, with a new remote-control feature. The improved Easy-Ripe connects to a ripening room’s control panel system and ethylene sensors allowing ripeners to have complete control over ethylene levels.

While the convenient remote-control is the latest feature of the Easy-Ripe, Mr. Akins states, “the most prevalent issue customers are interested in is the ability to have a safe, reliable and easy-to-use ethylene source, one with no possibility of explosion from excess ethylene.” Unlike compressed ethylene cylinders, there is absolutely no chance of ethylene explosion when using the generators as directed.

Since first exhibiting in 1980, Catalytic Generators committed to empowering fresh produce companies with the tools properly ripen avocados, bananas, mangoes, pears, tomatoes, and other fruits so that the world can enjoy fresh fruit throughout the year.

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