U.S.: California citrus, avocado associations welcome rains

January 17 , 2019

California's avocado and citrus grower organizations have welcomed the heavy rainfall the state is experiencing this week, highlighting there will be increased water availability for the months ahead.

Back-to-back storms are hitting the region this week. On Wednesday Weathermelon said the areas of Ventura, Oxnard and Santa Paula - important lemon and avocado growing areas - were due to receive 5-7" of rain.

But Joel Nelsen of the California Citrus Mutual didn't foresee any serious issues.

"The rains of the recent week with more to come this week are nothing more than a hiccup for harvesting," he said.

He said that groundwater would be replenished to an extent, and more snowfall in the mountains would create more water availability for later in the year.

"On all fronts it is beneficial. Some guys will express concern because an order with a specific size structure may not get filled adequately but that is a temporary condition," he said.

Tom Bellamore of the California Avocado Commission said on Wednesday that so far there had not been any major problems reported.

"Avocado growers in Ventura County are pleased that the rainfall is helping with groundwater recharge, and southern growers have enjoyed some prolonged periods of light to moderate rainfall, to leach root zones and provide some relief from monthly water bills," he said.



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