Pacific Organic Produce enhances positions in sales and grower relations

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Pacific Organic Produce enhances positions in sales and grower relations


San Francisco, CA - Pacific Organic Produce welcomes new hires Gerry Chua, Manuel Pinon and Tina Barnes to PACOs Sales and Grower Relations business teams.

Sales Account Representative, Gerry Chua, has 30 years’ industry experience along with business acumen from his MBA from Santa Clara. He has sold a wide variety of both organic and conventional produce, with a strong background in commodity management, sales desk experience and extensive expertise working with growers.

Commodity Sales Specialist, Manuel Pinon, also comes with a 30-year history selling a wide variety of produce items. Bi-lingual, he has extensive experience working with growers, setting up grower deals/contracts, commodity management and sales desk experience.

Sales Representative, Tina Barnes, has 25 years’ experience in sales, marketing, and distribution of fresh organic produce. Barnes created an organic grower network for sales and distribution of their products and is a certified organic farmer since 1991.

“Pacific Organics is very fortunate to add such talented individuals to our team.  Each offers a different industry perspective along with unique experiences and qualities.  I am looking forward to working with each one as they help us expand our sales team and programs into the future," said ike Rubidoux, Sales Manager.

For over 20 years, Pacific Organic Produce (PACO) has represented organic growers from the United States, New Zealand and Latin America. Featuring their Purity Organic brand, they provide the finest quality and flavor in organic fresh fruit and vegetables to retailers, wholesalers and processors across North America.

Their partnerships with organic growers enable them to supply year-round organic produce to independent natural food stores and national retailers across the country.

For more information, contact Mike Rubidoux, Sales Manager, Pacific Organic Produce at  415-673-5555 about available positions.

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