Avocados from Chile launches avo inspired digital calendar

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Avocados from Chile launches avo inspired digital calendar


San Carlos, California – Avocados are well known for being a staple in many American households, but now avocado lovers can take their favorite ingredient with them digitally. The Chilean Avocado Importers Association (CAIA) has kicked off a fun and fresh digital campaign in advance of its peak US selling season. 

Starting September 2019, fans can get their monthly avocado-inspired illustrated desktop and mobile phone free download. On the first of each month, a new seasonally inspired illustration will be released so consumers can download and keep their calendars up to date and powered by the land of avocados. 

“Over the years we have not only seen the growth of avocado inspired dishes but also avocado inspired memes, gifs, quotes, t-shirts, and slogans,” said Karen Brux, CAIA’s Managing Director. Brux adds, “With the launch of our monthly calendar, fans can now take their love for Avocados from Chile digital.” 

The digital calendar is just one piece of a larger marketing campaign for Avocados from Chile. Fans can download the September digital calendar today by visiting http://wallpapers.avocadosfromchile.org. On the 1st of each month a new digital download will be unveiled and made available for the following 12 months.

Avocados from Chile are in-market throughout the fall and winter. More information and merchandising tools are available at avocadosfromChile.org.

About the Chilean Avocado Importers Association (CAIA): 
Established in 2002, CAIA is composed of Chilean Avocado importers, exporters and producers. The Association’s main objective is to conduct market development activities and promotions to increase the consumption of avocados from Chile in the United States during the Chilean season, September through March. For more information, visit www.avocadosfromchile.org | Facebook: @avocadosfromchile | Instagram: @avocadosfromchile |  Twitter: @avocados


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