LGS Specialty Sales launches dish to discovery fall promotion

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LGS Specialty Sales launches dish to discovery fall promotion


New Rochelle, NY – LGS Specialty Sales, a leading importer of citrus, avocados and grapes is excited to launch Dish to Discovery, a fall promotion showcasing the unique growing regions around the globe. Beginning today through November 6, LGS’s consumer brand, Darling Citrus®, will delight fans each week with opportunities to receive a world-exploration themed prize.

LGS partners with select growers around the world to provide customers with a year-round supply of the best clementines, lemons, and seasonal navels. The Dish to Discovery promotion seeks to educate and inspire shoppers about LGS’ various growing regions and expertise in globally sourcing citrus.

“We are so proud of the long-standing relationships we’ve built with our growers in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Morocco, Peru and Spain,” said Luke Sears, president and founder of LGS Specialty Sales. “Dish to Discovery is a great way for us to educate our customers and consumers about where their citrus is grown. We are excited to share more about the regions and cultures we work so closely with.”

Over the next six weeks, the Darling Citrus® email subscribers will be introduced to growing regions along with weekly dishes highlighting the fresh produce grown in that area. Each week, a winner will be selected to receive a 12-month travel and exploration themed subscription box with different recipes, spices and food from various cultures.

During the fall promotion, clementines will continue to be sourced from Chile for the remainder of the Southern Hemisphere season and will transition to Spain and Morocco for the start of the Northern Hemisphere season. Mexico will support Chile in the supply of Darling Lemons®.

For nutritional facts and additional information, please visit lgssales.com or follow LGS Sales’ social media platforms for daily inspiration at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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