SGS Produce: California’s favorite full service wholesale produce company for over 100 years

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SGS Produce: California’s favorite full service	wholesale produce company for over 100 years


For over 100 years, SGS Produce has provided Californians with the freshest fruits and vegetables available. The beating heart of the thriving California fresh produce industry, SGS Produce has been trusted by generations of growers to connect them with consumers. By staying true to their three guiding business principals of integrity, professionalism and service, SGS Produce is the guiding hand that unites growers and communities through the past and well into the future.

Founded in 1907, SGS Produce has grown from a horse and buggy operation to the flourishing, professional business it is today and becoming a vital part of the world famous Los Angeles Wholesale Market. SGS Produce operates from a state of the art facility, boasting advanced refrigeration and storage capabilities. Its revolutionary real-time inventory system, ensures that every single box is tracked from grower to destination and recorded in detailed customer profiles, that enable SGS Produce to access buying preferences, including quality, process and promotions.

SGS Produce’s prime, downtown location, affords excellent access to all major Southern California highways, allowing fresh produce to be shipped throughout the Western States, or even as far as the Midwest and East.

SGS Produce was recently featured in an episode of KCET’s “LA Foodways.” The episode serves not only as an introduction to the Wholesale Market, but as a look into SGS Produce’s work with Food Recovery organizations. Studies show that while 1 in 6 people in the United States lacks sufficient access to food, almost 40% of all food in America is wasted. With the help of volunteer Recovery groups, SGS Produce is able to distribute surplus fresh food to the people that need it most, eliminating waste and feeding California’s most vulnerable.

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