C.H. Robinson launches "first and only" freight self-service technology

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C.H. Robinson launches

Logistics company C.H. Robinson has introduced what it describes as the "first and only" self-service technology for shipping.

Freightquote guides small businesses to the best multimodal shipping options for improved savings, reliability and visibility, it says.

The web-based, mobile-responsive offering streamlines the shipping process and allows small business customers to book freight without any shipping knowledge or expertise.

“Our research shows that small business shippers want ease of use and peace of mind when booking their shipping, which is exactly what Freightquote by C.H. Robinson’s technology is designed to do,” said C.H. Robinson president and CEO Bob Biesterfeld.

“Customers are guided through a simple, transparent process that allows them to make the best shipping decision for their small business.”

Small businesses can "instantly compare competitive rates from high-quality carriers 24 hours a day," the company said.

They can go online with their phone, tablet or computer to book their LTL or Truckload freight, track shipments, get proactive notifications and pay with a credit card.

“Through an initial pilot period, we’ve already served the needs of thousands of small business customers,” Biesterfeld said.

“This is only possible because of the unmatched scale, information advantage and industry-leading technology of the C.H. Robinson network.”

New offering the result of C.H. Robinson's tech investments

Supply chain experts developed the technology through collaboration with small business owners on the features, design and user experience.

Its foundation is the C.H. Robinson Navisphere global technology platform. That platform connects the organization's entire network of 200,000 companies to provide customers with greater supply chain efficiency, real-time insights and visibility.

C.H. Robinson added that Freightquote responds to its customers' needs and helps to solve their logistical challenges.

Small businesses play a crucial role in the economy, contributing up to 44% of all U.S. GDP growth annually. They also make up the vast majority of shippers. Last year, C.H. Robinson worked with more than 100,000 small businesses alone.

Freightquote by C.H. Robinson is one of several new technology solutions that has come about thanks to the company’s commitment to invest US$1bn in technology over the next five years, doubling its previous US$bn investment in technology over the last 10 years.

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