U.S.: Table grape storage numbers in line with 2017 season

November 22 , 2019

U.S. table grape inventory volumes reported to the USDA have fallen over the last couple of weeks and are on par with 2017.

As of Nov. 15 there were 11.7m boxes reported in storage, down from 13.2m at the end of October. 

In mid-November last year - which saw heavy volumes in the fall period - there were 16.7m boxes in storage - almost half more than this year's figure.

But the 2017 level was more similar to this year, at 11.1m boxes.

Reported volumes are Autumn King, however, are significantly lower than the previous two years. Just 2.8m boxes are currently in storage, compared to in excess of 4m in 2018 and 2017.

Meanwhile, Allison grapes are on par with the previous two years in the mid-2m-boxes range. Scarlet Royal volumes are at around half of last year's figure with 1m, while the 'other red' category is also in line with last year's 2.3m.