U.S.: Kroger shares fresh food trends for 2020

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U.S.: Kroger shares fresh food trends for 2020

U.S. retailer Kroger has announced its top food trend predictions for 2020, curated by its culinary experiences team and product developers, chefs and innovators.

The first is related to nostalgia, with Kroger saying that consumers are increasingly seeking out foods and flavors that bring back fond childhood memories. 

"New foods will continue to be added to grocery shelves that deliver nostalgic flavors in a reimagined way—charming customers of all ages and generations," Kroger said.

The second food tend is food as medicine. According to the retailer, Americans' stress levels reached a record high in 2019.

With more than half of U.S. adults reporting they experience stress during "a lot of the day," overall self-care—including preventive, emotional, cognitive and physical health—is top of mind for consumers.

"As individuals of all ages are increasingly customizing their lifestyles and food choices to achieve health and wellness goals, new solutions and products will continue to be added to grocery shelves that positively impact day-to-day energy, mood and health," Kroger said.

The third is flexitarian foods. Kroger said while only 6% of Americans practice a full-time vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, a "growing number of consumers are embracing flexitarian living, prioritizing healthier food choices and reducing their intake of meat and dairy products".

The fourth food trend is global flavors. Millennials are driving this globetrotting trend prioritizing travel more than previous generations.

This trend is expected to grow in the decade ahead, as both millennials and their Gen Z counterparts explore the globe and return home with new global foods, flavors and cooking styles to share with family and friends.

The final trend is food for good. Kroger says that in today's socially conscious environment, customers are more interested than ever before in the values of the brands they support. 

"In fact, more than half of consumers will choose to spend their money with companies that are helping to make the world a better place," it said.

"In the coming year, consumers can expect a growing selection of products that support responsible sourcing, inclusion and sustainable packaging."


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