Digital Agronomist among TOP 20 start ups at Fruit Logistica

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Digital Agronomist among TOP 20 start ups at Fruit Logistica

Commercial orchards are often a patchwork quilt – blocks with different cultivars, planted in different years. Varieties have different schedules with various bloom times and harvest times. A disorganized grower risks getting lost in all of those details.

MapMyApple, a mobile phone application, specially designed for apple growers, is a perfect end-to-end solution that helps apple growers to organize their work in orchard by advising them what to do, when and how to apply properly agro measures according to their apples needs.

MapMyApple makes suggestions based on growers input. Growers manually enter data about tree thickness, year of planting, apple variety, soil composition and location. Algorithms and machine learning technology develop daily suggestions that are reviewed by the staff before being sent to growers.

Currently, the application is specific to apples and doesn’t translate to other fruit trees. It is available on Google Play and App Store, and allow user to test it for free for 30 days. After that it is billed monthly. So far, the application has roughly 2,000 downloads.

Marketing manager, Jovana Djordjic says that the most interesting feature for their users is image recognition technology. “Growers upload a picture of disease or pest damage, and receive a diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Protection of the apples is the biggest challenge when you run apple growing business so our users use this feature the most because it gives them precise information on the time and don’t let the disease or pests to surprise them anymore”

Beside that application gives recommendations for daily irrigation, fertigation and spraying. Also, it provides users with satellite imagery of a farm so apple growers can see their orchards in colors and know which field is dried for example and how to treat it.

Start up company Fresh Agriculture Technologies from the US was established in 2018 and since then they are creating different technology solutions for fruit growers in order to help them to increase yield potential in orchards and reduce costs. One of those solutions is MapMyApple application.

Their company was recently selected for top 20 agtech start up companies that have been present at Fruit Logistica trade-fair on February 7 during the start up day. That is the special format for start-ups developing groundbreaking products, projects and ideas.

They have presented MapMyApple software to more than 78,000 visitors from over 93 countries on Start Up Stage during the last day of Fruit Logistica trade fair.

See how it was during the Start Up Day in Berlin on the following link

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